Individual Portfolio

Who need this service?

"Individual Portfolio" is only intended for applicants who cannot provide the following evidence of years of working experience:

  • Documentary proof of years of service issued by employers or authorized persons of the company;

  • Attestation of jobs issued by registered associations or labour unions

  • Tax demand notes, payroll slips, certificates of provident fund or MPF

  • Business registration certificates or certificates of incorporation (for the self-employed only)

QF Levels Applied

Applicable to the application of RPL qualifications at QF Levels 1 to 4.


Applicants of this category must opt for assessment (i.e. Interview / Written Test / Practical Assessment) in order to obtain the RPL qualification.

Documentary proof required for the "Individual Portfolio"

The documentary proof provided in the portfolio should be sufficient to show the applicant has met the following requirements:

  • Having relevant working experience in the respective industry

  • Having the right level of competency to sit for the assessment concerned

Valid Documentary Evidence

The documentary evidences suggested below are for reference only and by no means they need to be all included in the portfolio. Applicants have the discretion to decide on the kinds of evidence to be submitted.

  • Curriculum vitae

  • Employment contract

  • Certificate of Training

  • Letter of recommendation or testimonials issued by employers or industry professionals

  • Record of work (e.g. proposal, financial report)

  • Letter of commendation issued by clients

  • Portfolio or sample of work (e.g. design product)

  • Proof of professional qualification/membership of professional body

  • Award/certificate obtained in competitions