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Guidance Notes for Applicants
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List of Clusters - Salon Management (Operation Management)
List of Clusters - Hairdressing    List of Clusters - Salon Management (Operation Management)

Applicant's previous work area
Hairdressing Industry - Operational management of salons (Operation Management)


Name of Clusters and Code

Level 4
Six years experience in hairdressing, of which not less than five years in salon management (operation management)
Code of UoCContent  Name of CompetenciesCredit  Last Update
 105403L4 Formulate Customer Service Scheme 9 09/04/2015
 105427L4 Execute Inventory Procedures 6 09/04/2015
 105428L4 Apply Information Management 6 09/04/2015
 105429L4 Formulate Risk Management for Hairdressing Business Operation 6 09/04/2015
 105430L4 Execute Financial Management 6 09/04/2015
 105431L4 Formulate Procedures and Requirements for Managing the Environmental Hygiene of the Business Locations 6 09/04/2015
 105432L4 Promote Environmental Awareness in the Organization 6 09/04/2015